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Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning (TCML) is a project sponsored by the Taiwanese Foreign Ministry to promote Mandarin learning. Jade Mountain Mandarin School is honored for having been selected to participate in the project in Hungary.

The TCML course is designed to introduce Mandarin Chinese to beginners. The courses are available for adults above 18 and students who complete the 12-week course will have a 20,000 ft scholarship. The course covers the basics of everyday language. We are offering 2 beginner courses in our classroom in Budapest’s 6th district. We also provide upper beginner and intermediate courses for those who want to study further after the basic course. Please read the course information for further details. If you have any questions, call us at +36 70 882 8426 or send us a message through our contact us page.
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Jade Mountain Mandarin School (JMMS) of Budapest was established in 2019 and currently is the only Mandarin learning center in Hungary recognized by the Taiwan Overseas Community Affairs Council. JMMS started with one teacher and one class in 2019, but due to increased interest in Mandarin learning, by now we operate with three teachers and we offer private and small group classes for different levels from beginner to advanced level for adults as well as weekend classes for children.


Our curriculum is functional and is characterized by cultural diversity which can be adopted by students with both Chinese and non-Chinese ethnicity. Our teachers have extended teaching experience, they have adopted a wide range of teaching techniques and they use innovative learning materials. We assist our students to learn step by step but we also organize cultural activities to integrate their knowledge into practice. We believe teaching language cannot be limited to learning from textbooks only.

We have organized a number of cultural events and extra-curricular activities for our students and for the wider public.


We organized seasonal festivities like writing Spring Festival Couplets and guessing lantern riddles on Lantern Festival. Some of our events were very popular for non-Chinese learners such as our Mahjong board game night, our Tea culture ceremony and our Moon Festival painting class. We also organized a Calligraphy Exhibition which was held at the prestigious Pintér Gallery in Budapest. The opening event of the exhibition was attended by over 80 guests.


With continuous effort, we would like to encourage anyone who is interested in Mandarin language to take part in a learning journey with JMMS!




Li Yiying


She graduated master's degree from the Institute of Chinese Language Teaching, Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan. She used to teach on a summer learning tour of Polish university students in Taiwan. In Europe, she worked as a language & culture teacher at Tan Kapuja Buddhist College and many language schools in Budapest. She held some calligraphy classes at the University of Technology in Poland Poznań and Austria Vienna. She has more than 10 years of experience in teaching Mandarin language and Taiwanese culture to Hungarian and foreign students. In 2019 she founded Jade Mountain Mandarin School and TCML Hungary NGO is founded in 2022.


Huang Hsing Mei

Deputy Director

Holding double masters in International Education from Kings College and Marketing Communications from Middlesex University, she is also an active Life Coach, a member of ICF, focusing on the areas of cultural adaptation for individuals and businesses, identity, life changes and female leadership. Her focus in life now lies in prompting social equalities, sustainable education, and mental well-beings for her communities.


Fan Lin Lin

Online Teacher

Professional in  Beginner CHI、Advanced CHI、Kids and Teens CHI, she is holding a master's degree in teaching Chinese as a second language from NTNU. She has been teaching students of all ages, levels, and nationalities in Taiwan, and Indonesia. She thinks it’s nice to meet students online and will make Mandarin easy and fun to learn.


Jason Huang

Online Teacher

He graduated master's degree from the Department of Applied Chinese, Kainan University, Taiwan and still studying for a doctoral program in Department of International and Comparative Education, National Chi Nan University. He has taught in the Cebu Philippines for one year and a Chinese school in Melbourne, Australia for half a year, and has been a traveling teacher of Mandarin and Taiwanese Ki Calligraphy in the United States, Canada and New Zealand. Lecturer at the University Chinese Learning Center in Taiwan. Specializes in Mandarin teaching, Taiwanese Ki Calligraphy, Taiwanese Pinyin and Taiwanese teaching.


Chang Hueichuan

Online Teacher

Foreign language Major at National Taiwan University and Economics Major at the University of Minnesota, she used to be the teacher and vice principal at San Diego Sun Yet Sen Chinese School. She is quite experienced in teaching Mandarin to foreign students.


Norbert Lukács (小北)

Hungarian Teacher

He obtained his bachelor's degree in German Studies at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest and successfully completed his master's degree in Translation and Interpretation in 2017. He is currently studying Hungarian studies (Teaching Hungarian as a Foreign Language) at ELTE, which helps him even more to find the suitable teaching method for each and every learner of the Hungarian language. In the past he has learned several languages to various degrees of fluency which gives him a better understanding of how to learn languages, helps him empathize with students, and makes him a good role model for language learning habits and skills.


Alvin Dai

Recruiting Teacher

He is a Taiwanese teacher who has two years of teaching both online and offline, and one year of teaching Mandarin in Pannonhalma Bencés Gimnázium. Growing up with family members having hearing impairments, he is keen on teaching Pronunciation and dedicated to designing classes that are entertaining and educational.

劉淑貞 Liu Shuzhen_edited.jpg

Liu Shuzhen


She is a teacher from Taiwan and has been teaching Mandarin for 4 years. She's obtained two international Chinese teachers certificates: TCSOL(The Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages,全球漢語總會) and EDI(Equality, Diversity & Inclusion).

Beautiful Landscape


It is one of the finest and richest islands of the known world.

Memoirs and travels of Mauritius Augustus Count de Benyowsky,1741–1786


Beginning from the last decades of the 17th century, foreign powers developed a growing interest in the island of Taiwan, which is located in a key strategic position and has unique geographical features.

This increasing interest might be slightly connected to Hungarian travelers as well. One of them is the extraordinary Maurice Augustus Count de Benyovszky—later the king of Madagascar—who happened to visit the island in 1771. He reported about his journeys and experiences in his memoirs.

He describes Taiwan, or Formosa as it was called at the time, as a beautiful and rich island where “the soil, in an infinity of places, produces two harvests of rice and other grain.” According to his knowledge, which he gained from the aborigines living on the Eastern coast of the island, Formosa was divided into eight principalities. Three of them were governed and inhabited by the Han Chinese. “In each province there are five or six towns, which have establishments for instructing youth in reading and writing. ... They obtain their books from China. There are reputed sorcerers or diviners here, who have a great influence over the people.”

In subsequent centuries, several Hungarian travelers visited Taiwan, and admired the charming beauty of the island – just like Benyovszky did. No wonder that in recent years Taiwan became a popular tourist destination for Hungarians. 

From the book:

“Hoppál, K. - F. Kovács, P. - Tárnoki, J. (eds), Culinary Adventures in the Far East Photobook on the Street Food Culture in Tainan, Taiwan. Szolnok, 2021.”

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