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Adult In Person Group

The course includes two hours of live lessons and one hour of online lessons per week. During the live lesson, we will be focusing on oral practice and listening. For the online lesson, you will one by one native teacher to help you according to your needs. In addition, there will be make-up video to catch up the the from the class in case. To maximize the learning, we will also host at least two culture events and language exchange activities every two weeks.

We also provide many scholarships, if you attend 90% of the course, you can get 20000-30000 ft scholarship and there are more scholarships for you to find.


Course Timetable

*The schedule may be modified according to the students' application.

Course Descriptions

To understand what will be covered in each course, simply click on your chosen level below. Once you've found the right course for you, visit the booking section to reserve a space.