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The course includes two hours live lesson and one hour online lesson per week. During the live lesson, we will be focusing on oral practice and listening. For the online lesson, we will be learning the logic of basic writing.  In addition, there will be short video clips to show the essence from each class.  In order to maximize the learning, we will also host two culture events.

Terms and Conditions

1) Refundable deposit: The course is free but we require 30000 ft deposit to join the course. You must attend at least 9 live and 9 online lessons in order to be eligible for refund.  There will be non refundable handling and cleaning 5000 ft fee, thus we will refund 25000 ft after the completion.


2) The classes will be focused majorly on oracy (comprehension and speaking), together with the elements dedicated to writing and reading. Writing and reading will be taught in the traditional character format, which is used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and many overseas Chinese communities.


3) There will be NO makeup lesson if you miss it. There will be a pass mark 75% to issue the certificate upon completion.


Over the 12 week course
you will explore a variety of topics such as..


       How to introduce one’s name and nationality

       Making phone calls

       Expressing time

       Talking about daily routine

       Talking about family and occupations


Cultural activities:

-Taiwan modern calligraphy

-Taiwan movies

-Taiwan Board Games

and more