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Calligraphy Workshop

Have you heard about "Ki" Calligraphy? We offer a hybrid calligraphy course for you to experience. You can join us in our classroom if you live in Budapest, or you can join online and practice with us at home. Every week  2 hours of a hybrid lesson will help you from the beginner to have your own calligraphy work as the result. We also provide a scholarship of 15000 ft for those who can attend 90% of courses. Also, there will be contest for the calligraphy, you can win award with scholarship as well.

ki calligraphy.webp


During the 10 week course, you will explore a variety of topics such as:

  • Fun to learn Chinese character

  • Recognize calligraphy writing tools

  • Introduction of writing posture

  • Pictograph drawing

  • Task review and revision for writing posture

  • Task review for writing posture and ink penetrates level

  • The evolution of Chinese characters and script styles in Chinese calligraphy

Cultural Activities:

  • Taiwanese tea culture

  • Dumplings

  • Childhood games

  • Festival events